Release Notes


  • Upgrade to the latest AWS Golang SDK v1.7.1
  • Added C2S support using Partitions and Service identifiers


  • IAM Policy names are configurable
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL privileges are configurable by service plan
  • Customizable DB Parameter Group for MySQL, MariaDB, Aurora
  • Bug fix for S3 delete service instance when there are additional IAM Policies
  • Bug fix for Aurora provisioning with custom VPC and SG
  • Stemcell updated to 3312


  • Broker configuration database can be MySQL or PostgreSQL.
  • Supports service keys, App developers can get a service key for their service instance and perform permitted actions (in AppDeveloperPolicy) via the AWS CLI. These credentials may have an expiry time.
  • Added ALTER privilege to RDS MySQL bind credentials
  • AWS endpoint is configurable, to support C2S
  • Broker Config IAM Policy name is now configurable
  • Updated stemcell to 3263


  • Supports additional AWS RDS services: MariaDB, Aurora, SQL Server, Oracle
  • Supports AWS services DynamoDB, SQS
  • Supports Floating Stemcells for manageability
  • Uses an AWS IAM policy (PCFInstallationPolicy) for permissions
  • Quotas to limit number of instances per service
  • Creating an S3 bucket supports logging to another S3 bucket
  • Supports PCF 1.8.x


  • Supports AWS RDS for MySQL
  • Supports PCF 1.7.x


  • Supports AWS RDS for PostgreSQL and Amazon S3
  • PCF operator can create RDS service plans
  • Secure management of AWS credentials
  • Requires Stemcell 3146.10
  • Supports PCF 1.6.x
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